Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Street play "Corruption" directed by Arvind Gaur at Indian Habitat Centre

Bhrastachar street play directed by Arvind Gaur
from 22nd Nov 2011 to 24th Nov at 8.30pm
Indian Habitat Center, Lodhi road, Delhi, New Delhi, India
performed by Asmita Theatre Group.
Short and Sweet festival 2011
About the play-
In this play we try to aware the audience effect of corruption in our daily social and political life. This play is not just a play it’s a social awareness initiative from our side because we believe theatre can change, create awareness and can be used for betterment of society.
In the play we show the pain of a common man, the struggle one faces because of corruption. We believe that if we want a change in society we should be prepared for a dialogue.
Our Indian political system has become synonymous with Corruption. How does Corruption affect our Daily life? Well, the common man has to run from pillar to post to get his small jobs done, jobs like obtaining a driving license, passport, water connection, school admission, basic medical facilities. Corruption deep rooted in our system so badly that he is forced to pay bribes during birth and obtaining Death certificates.
In our play we depict an Auction where we show corrupt system its social-economical practices
We have a Great Indian Auction taking place all over the country. At this Auction the Indian system offers you everything under the Blue Sky. One can buy- Politicians Integrity, Houses given to war widows, Coffins of Kargil soldiers and even the Judicial system is effected by corruption.

Govt agencies are ineffective to control the corruption in the system. Some corrupt politicians misuse their powers and arm twist the system to their own benefits. Inspite of the Corruption/Criminal charges not only they roam scott free but also manage to reach the parliament and further dupe the common man.The common man has accepted corruption as part of their life and adjusted to live with it.

Its been 64 yrs since we got our Independence. Agreed India is shining but the picture on the other side of the coin is ugly. Poverty is widespread in India, with the nation estimated to have a third of the world's poor. According to a 2005 World Bank estimate, 41.6% of the total Indian population falls below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 a day.
The 2011 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report ranked India 15th, amongst leading countries with hunger situation. It also places India amongst the three countries where the GHI between 1996 and 2011 went up from 22.9 to 23.7% and it is here that we have scams like Uttar Pradesh Food Grain Scam- 2 Lakh crore, 2G Scam worth Rs-176 lakh crore: Commonwealth Games Scam – 60,000 crs and many more.

Our existing judicial system does not have a strong law against Corruption. We need a strong law which the Jan Lokpal bill proposes. The Lokpal Bill proposes to speed up the trial process of the corrupt, freezing their bank A/C’s and confiscating their property. It proposes to deal with Corruption in our country at all levels.
We want the Janlok pal Bill to be passed in the parliament. We hope for better life and a clean system of our future coming generation.

Performing Actors: Shilpi Marwaha (Incharge),Shiv Chauhan,
Malay Garg,Palak Bhutani ,Viren Basoya,Gaurav Mishra, Rahul Khanna,Suraj Singh,Himansu Maggo,Ishwak Singh,Pankaj Datta,Kakoli Gaur, Saveree Gaur,Manu Chaudhary,Vartika Tiwari,Sachin Sexena,Kumar Vaibhav,Amit Dahiya,Pradeep Awasthi, Bhavdeep Singh,Manoj Yadav,Mayank Pandey,Anamika Singh, Smita Lal,Rahul Srivastava,Rohit Vaid,Vineet Kumar,Vivak Sharma, Harsh,Ashish Sejwal,Tarun Kumar,Narendra Thakur ,Kunal, Tushar,Prabhakar, Neetu,Rinki Negi,Kajal Badana,Devesh,Illa Joshi,Rahul Malhotra ,Kundan, Naman,Hargun,Neetu Sharma,Pooja Tyagi,Praveen Kr.,Ratan,Vikash Sharma
For details Contact-
Shilpi Marwaha 9540656537,Shiv Chauhan-9958793683,
Suraj Singh-9999692525,Rahul Khanna-9711188856,
Gaurav Mishra-8892761460, Himanshu Maggo-9810919151.
Arvind Gaur-09899650509.
An Asmita Presentation

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