Saturday, December 3, 2011

Street play "Garbage" at Mahatma Gandhi Camp,west Punjabi Bagh

Street play "Garbage" directed by Arvind Gaur
on 3rd december' 2011 at Mahatma Gandhi Camp,west Punjabi Bagh,New Delhi,
performed by Asmita Theatre Group.Cleanup programme by IAC volunteers.

There are dirty roads,spit marks,random garbage,urine, vulgar graffiti and over...flowing sewers at every nook and corner.Who is responsible for it ? - we ? Govt. bodies ? or lack of civic sense ? or our casual attitude for our surrounding ? Using 'everybody does it' and ‘what difference can I alone make’ is an excuse and only an excuse.The action has to start from "I " only. If every individual does... his or her own bit, he or she can definitely make a huge difference and can lead to change.It is easy to pin everything on the government, but people must first question themselves and their own civic sense. Roads and our streets are not dirty because nobody cleaned it, but because somebody dirtied it in the first place.
And thus we as socially responsible theatre actors with' Lets do it Delhi' are taking a step forward towards this goal through the medium of relevant theatre. So join us in this social initiative.
" be the change you want to see "- Gandhi ji.

Street team Incharge-Shilpi Marwaha
Performing Actors: Rahul Khanna,Imran Zahid,Rohit Vaid,Tarun Kumar,Smita Lal,Rahul Srivastava,Vineet Kumar,Vivak Sharma, Harsh, Narendra Thakur ,Kunal, Kakoli Gaur, Saveree Gaur, Kumar Vaibhav,Amit Dahiya,Tushar,Prabhakar, Neetu,Rinki Negi,Kajal Badana,Devesh,Illa Joshi,Rahul Malhotra, Naman, Hargun,Neetu Sharma,Pooja Tyagi,Praveen Kr.,Ratan,Vikash Sharma

Asmita Theatre Group Contacts etc-
For details pls contact- Shilpi Marwaha 9540656537,Shiv Chauhann-9958793683,Suraj Singh-9999692525,Rahul Khanna-9711188856,Gaurav Mishra-8892761460,Himanshu Maggo-9810919151,Palak Bhutani-9990205744, ,Punkaj Dutta-9899409936,Viren Basoya-99911013630,Malay Garg-08447630975,Ishwak Singh-9811430008, Bajrang Bali singh-9810727641,Arvind Gaur sir -09899650509

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