Thursday, June 14, 2012

Street play "DASTAK" on 15th January at the opening Ceremony of 2nd All India Royal City Royal League

Street play "DASTAK" directed by Arvind Gaur.Performed by Asmita Theatre Group on 15th January at the opening Ceremony of 2nd All India Royal City Royal League(u-16) Cricket Tournament YMCA, Greater Noida.The Tournament will give an exposure and a big platform to the budding cricketers to prove themselves in 6 league matches. the tournament is approved by the uttar Pradesh Cricket Association.

"DASTAK"- Talks about violence against women at public places.Why women in the national capital of Delhi feel unsafe in many public spaces, and at all times of the day and night. Cutting across class, profession, they face continuous and different forms of sexual harassment in crowded as well as secluded places, including public transport, cars, markets, roads, public toilets and parks. School and college students are... most vulnerable to harassment, particularly rampant in public transport, particularly buses.

Actors:Shilpi Marwaha,Shiv Chauhan,Malay Garg,Palak Bhutani ,Gaurav Mishra, Rahul Khanna,
Suraj Singh,Himansu Maggo,Ishwak Singh,Pankaj Datta,Kakoli Gaur, Saveree Gaur,Manu haudhary,
Vartika Tiwari,Sachin Sexena,Kumar Vaibhav,Amit Dahiya,Pradeep Awasthi, Bhavdeep Singh,Manoj Yadav,Mayank Pandey,Anamika Singh, Smita Lal,Rahul Srivastava,Rohit Vaid,Vineet Kumar,Vivek Sharma,Ashish Sejwal,Tarun Kumar,Narendra Thakur ,Kunal Sharma, Tushar,Prabhakar, Neetu,Rinki Negi,Kajal Badana,Devesh,Illa Joshi,Rahul Malhotra ,Naman,Hargun,Neetu Sharma,Pooja Tyagi,Praveen Kr.,Ratan,Vikas Sharma, Geet, Mohit,Sarthak.

For Details: Please Contact 09540656537(shilpi Marwaha),Shiv Chauhan-9958793683,Suraj Singh-9999692525, Rahul Khanna-9711188856,Gaurav Mishra-8802761460, Himanshu Maggo-9810919151,Palak Bhutani-9990205744,Punkaj Dutta-9899409936,Ishwak Singh-9811430008, 09899650509(Arvind Gaur Sir)
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