Friday, April 29, 2011

Street Play on Domestic help on 15th April at Jantar Mantar

Street Play on Domestic help at Public meeting on 15th April at Jantar Mantar organised by "Domestic Workers Form,Delhi" & National Domestic workesr Movements,Mumbai.The play focuses on the need of decent work for domestic workers specially women.The play opens with a song ending in a marketplace of domestic girls. It shows a contractor trying to sell various categories of Girls(domestic workers ) and charging extra amount to ev...ade the verification process. The focus of the scene is the lack o...f any legislation covering domestic workers, which makes it easy to flout and buy any rules relating to them.
Then the play highlights how the virtually nameless and faceless class of domestic workers is bereft of all minimum conditions of work stipulated by Law such as maternity benefits, sick leaves etc. It also draws attention to child labor.
Finally the play brings to light the sexual abuse ,domestic violence ,discrimination and issue of trafficing etc of female workers and how even the police generally sides with the richer and the more influential party - the employer. The play ends on a high note putting forth some startling facts relating to domestic workers and their living conditions and thus opening up various planes of discussion.
Actor- Shilpi Marwaha,Shiv Chauhan,Saurabh Pal,Rahul Khanna, Himansu Maggu,Palak Bhutani, Suraj Singh,Gaurav Mishra,himansu Katara,Pankaj Datta,Malay Garg,Viren Basoya

Narendra Thakur,Manu Chaudhary,Pankaj Shandilya,Manoj Yadav,Sachin Saxena,Tarun,Pankaj Datta,Tarun,Aj Parikh,Pradip Awasti, Vartiks Tiwari,Anamika,Rohit Vaid,,Renu Kashyap,Narendra kumar,Aparna Singh,Sibani Sagar,Smita Lal

Vineet, vivek sharma, rahul, amit dhaiya, manju, sidharth tripathi, chaitanya, priyanshu, harsh Arora, manish gupta, chetan ojha, mayank pandey,Priyansu,Bhavdeep siingh Chadda,Chaetan Ohja ,Vikash

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