Thursday, May 11, 2006

Theatre Workshop-2006

20 May to 24 June 2006
at Lok Kala Manch
(near India Habitat Centre nd Sai Baba mandir)
Lodhi Road,New Delhi
for young boys and girls (16yr plus)

The workshop will introduce the aspiring actor to the basic skills of acting.This includes ensemble work, voice ,speech ,fun exercises & games , movement, personality development , better communication, approach tocharacter and improvisation techniques.

under the direction of
Arvind Gaur
(Director, Asmita Theatre group)


Arvind Gaur heads the Delhi based theatre group Asmita and is committed to innovative and socially relevant theatre.
He has directed over 50 plays that have been staged at Edinburg Theatre festival in the UK and at Chicago, Washington, Boston, San Fransisco, Ohio in the US. His play Madhavi solo by Rashi Bunny received special award last year for best play in experimentation with tradition at international Solo festival, Armenia.
Madhavi was staged in the International theatre festival at Russia last winter and was performed in Lyon International Theatre festival, France last month.