Sunday, September 5, 2010

Common Man Theatre Festival 11th to 26th Sept

Common man Theatre Festival
Asmita Theatre Group presents Common Man Theatre Festival from 11th September to 26th September 2010 at various venues of Delhi. This includes proscenium as well as street performances on socio political issues related to common man.Common Man Theatre Festival’s premier show is Ramkali starring well known Personality Mallika Sarabhai directed by veteran theatre activist Arvind Gaur.This festival is showcasing well known Indian and International playwright’s works like Mahesh Dattani, Swadesh Deepak, Dario Fo, Bertolt Brecht, Ashok Lal, Munshi Premchand, G P Deshpande, Harsh Mander.
These Plays are contemporary, socio-political and raise the voice of common man Thereby addressing their issues. The festival is unique and different in its nature.Some of the milestone productions of Indian theatre will be part of this festival like Court Martial, Ramkali, final solution, ek mamooli aadmi. The most popular plays among Indian audience.Street plays are a major part of this festival. Theatre actors are going to present many street plays in this festival raising current issues related to common man. Dilemma of street vendors, crises of domestic help are the major concern of our street shows
11th to 26th Sept. at Sri ram centre, India Habitat Centre, Muktadhara & Alliance Francaise
Opening with " Ramkali " staring Mallika Sarabhai on 11th & 12th Sept at Sri Ram Centre, 7pm.
Other Plays -Ek Mamooli Aadmi,Final Solutions,Court Martial,Raaste,Unsuni, Operation Three Star,Mote Ram etc.
17th Sept- " Unsuni "at Muktadhara,Gole Market at 7pm.
19th Sept -Mahesh Dattani's " Final Solutions "at 3.30pm & Ashok Lal's" Ek Mamooli Aadmi "at 7 pm at Sri ram Centre, Mandi House
24th Sept- " Mote Ram ka Satyagrha "Based on Munsi Premchand's story
at 7.3opm at India Habitat Centre, Amphi theatre.
25th Sept-GP Despande's " Raaste " at 3.30pm & Swadesh Deepak's " Court Martial "at 7pm at Sri ram Centre.
26th Sept- Dario Fo's " Operation Three Star " based on accidental death of an anarchist at 7pm at Alliance Francaise
All plays directed by Arvind Gaur

For details pls contact-9711188856, 9999692525,9540656537 ,9958793683,9899650509

Play " Ramkali " starring Mallika Sarabhai at SRC directed by Arvind Gaur on 11th nd 12 th Sept

11th & 12 th Sept at Sri Ram Centre, Mandi House,New Delhi at 7pm
Ramkali is the adaptation of Bertolt Brecht 's play - The Good Person of Szechwan ,directed by Arvind Gaur staring Mallika Sarabhai as Ramkali
and adapted in hindi by Amitabh Srivastava, lyrics by Piyush Mishra ,Music by Dr.Sangeeta Gaur
Mallika Sarabhai with Viren Basoya,Shilpi Marwaha,Yadavan Chandran,Revanta Sarabhai,Nisarg Trivedi,Pankaj Raj Yadav,Sonal Solanki,Jignesh Patel,Manoj,Raj sharma,Druma Mehta,Pooja, Pappan,Rajesh,Anahit sarabhai,Mani ,Palan,Jayan, Saji, Palani, Heman ,Charmy ,hinal ,Saurab Pal,Malay Garg,Rahul Khanna, Shiv chauhan, himansu Maggu, Devesh Nigam, Aneesh, Palak...
Presentedby Darpana academy,Asmita Theatre
About play Ramkali
It raises core issues facing today’s world, of greed versus common good, of the value of right and wrong, of the pressures society puts on people which drive them to committing wrongs to keep up with expectations, the exploitation of goodness and of good people by an aspiring society, and the question of equating theft and wrong doing out of need with that done out of greed. Brecht used theatre to raise issues, as does Darpana and Asmita Theatre Group, Arvind Gaur’s company based in Delhi. Brecht, like Arvind Gaur and Mallika Sarabhai, believed in entertaining people with theatrics and songs to keep them engaged but watchful, planting seeds of doubt to shake complacency.
Shilpi Marwaha for details-9540656537, 09899650509