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Swadesh Deepak's COURT MARTIAL directed by Arvind Gaur on 17th August at SRC Mandi House

Swadesh Deepak's COURT MARTIAL
on17th August 2013 , 7.00pm a
t Sri Ram Centre,Mandi House
Theatre Group Celebrates 20th Year of Socio-Political Relevant Theatre.

About the play When respect is denied to a man for the only reason that he is borne by 'low-caste' parents, the offence cannot simply be termed as a social violence. It assumes larger proportions of crime against humanity and society at large. Yet by the turn in situation the murderer becomes a win...ner whereas the victim is unforgiving.The culprit may receive severe punishment at the hands of the law but, in fact, it is the society which is put in the docks. Court Martial, written by Swadesh Deepak, is a story of recruit Ram Chander who is tried for murdering one of his officers and injuring another.
The Court Martial is presided by a war veteran. Col Surat Singh who has witnessed many 'life –and –death' situation. But this trial puts him in a queer position, so far unknown to him, and during the course of interrogation he realize that the issues at stake are much larger than what meets the eye. Realizing that the Indian army is the only government agency in which reservation on caste basis is not permissible. Court Martial presents a combination of legal and poetic justice.

Actors-BajrangBali Singh,Shiv Chauhan,Gaurav Mishra,Rahul Khanna,Himanshu Maggo,Suraj Singh,Ishwak Singh,Mannu Chaudhary,Manoj Yadav,Abhishek Pandey, Palak Bhutani,Vivek sharma,Nisha,Ashish,Kunal Sharma,Shiv Kanungo,Shubham, Praveen,Devendar Bisht, Pandey,Prashant Pundir, and Others...

"Not Just a Play: ‘Court Martial’ is not just a play written by Swadesh Deepak, directed by Arvind Gaur & enacted by Asmita-artistes. It is a burning truth of the Indian Society. Sensing that Indian Army is the only government institution, which does not permit caste-based reservations, ‘Court Martial’ presents a mixture of natural and legal justice, which is not only the truth of the Indian Army, but that of the whole Indian Society. That, despite all his qualifications, an individual is traumatised because of his low-caste origins is not merely social violence, but a crime against humanity. The monotony of the long court-trial was pre-empted by the seasoned performance of the Asmita artistes. This Asmita-presentation has proved to be a soothing experience, after many years, for Swadesh Deepak who created a countrywide flutter through this play. "Excellent acting, live and memorable…..worth visit.
- Ajeet Rai (Nav Bharat Times)

Tight pace of Swadesh Deepak's Court Martial... not to be missed.
- Kavita Nagpal, Hindustan Times

Excellent Performance ...Swadesh Deepak's brilliant script... memorable production by the Asmita team and Arvind Gaur.
-- Romesh Chandra, The Hindu

Gaur’s hard hitting realism…..His infinitely intelligent approach….strong play.
- Aruna Ahluwalia (E.News)

Kudos to Court Martial….a drama that went beyond the limits of drama .
- (Indian Express)

The Asmita team has created a marvelous piece of theatre out of a wonderful script….don’t miss it. The times spent watching it is well worth it.
-Smita Nirula ( The Pioneer)

Stealing scenes with revolt as the theme ….Court Martial was an engrossing display of theatre for social awareness.
-Sushama Chadha (Times Of India)

Dario Fo's Comic-Satire play 'Chukayenge Nahi' at SRC on 18th Aug. Directed by Arvind Gaur

Dario Fo's Comic-Satire play
'Chukayenge Nahi' 
hindi adaptation by
Amitabh Srivastava 
on 18th August 7pm 
at Sri Ram centre,Mandi House.

Asmita Weekend Theatre Group's Workshop (August-Dec)

Asmita Weekend Theatre Group's Workshop
The workshop culminates in a public production 

Saturday and Sunday (9am to 1pm) 

For participation please Contact:-
09899650509(Arvind Gaur), 9015402269 (,Gaurav Mishra)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Asmita Theatre Group Theatre Festival 2013 at Sri Ram Centre,India Habitat Centre & Lok kala Manch,Delhi

11th May
based on Manto's stories
at SRC,Mandi House

12th May
Dario Fo's play at SRC,Mandi House
Chukayenge Nahi' ,hindi adaptation of "Can't pay won't pay" 
by Amitabh Srivastava,directed by Arvind Gaur

16th n 19th May
Swadesh Deepak's 
directecd by Arvind Gaur
at India Habitat Centre,Lodhi Road at 7:30pm

25th May
G P Deshpande's play 'RAASTE",Translation in Hindi by Jyoti Subhash,directed by Arvind Gaur on 25th may at Lok kala manch Lodhi Road,near Sai Baba mandir.Entry open for all
26th May
Log-Baag,based on Anton Chekav's stories,script by Neil Simon
at Lok kala manch Lodhi Road,near Sai Baba mandir

1st & 2nd June
Dario Fo's Comic-Satire play 'Chukayenge Nahi' ,
hindi adaptation of "Can't pay won't pay" by Amitabh Srivastava,
directed by Arvind Gaur
on 1st and 2nd June 2013 at 7:30 pm
at Amphitheatre,India Habitat Centre, Lodhi road.
8th &9th June 
Moteram ka Satyagraha
on 8th & 9th June at IHC at 7:30pm.
Asmita Theatre Group presents Musical satire-Based on Munshi Premchand’s story,“MOTERAM KA SATYAGRAH” Adaptation by Habib Tanveer and Safdar Hashmi,directed by Arvind Gaur
at India Habitat Centre,Lodhi Road

15th &16th June
at India Habitat Centre,Lodhi Road at 7:30pm
Dario Fo's Comic-Satire
(Adaptaion of Dario Fo's Accidental Death of an Anarchist )
directed by Arvind Gaur
adaptaion by Amitabh Srivastava,
Lyrics By Piyush Mishra

22nd &23rd June
Mahesh Dattani's

Final Solution
at IHC,Lodhi Road
by Asmita theatre at 7:30pm,
Starring -Susan Brar
Translated by Shahid Anwar
music-Dr Sangeeta Gaur,
Actors- Susan Brar,Palak Bhutani, Gaurav Mishra,Rahul Khanna, Himanshu Maggo, Kakoli Gaur,Suraj Singh,Saveree Gaur,Nisha Jindal,Mannu Choudhary,Ishwak Singh,Shiv Chauhan,Manoj Yadav,Abhisek Pandey ,Kunal sharma,praveen Kumar,manoj singh,Vivek sharma, Rohit vaid,Shiv Kanungo,Devinder Singh Bist,prasant pundir,Prasant Dubey,Devesh kr,Shubham srivastava,Asish Sejwal,Bijay,Prabhakar pandey,Rahul malhotra,Saurabh Aggarwal,Tarun Gupta ..

29th June 
Log-Baag,based on Anton Chekav's stories,script by Neil Simon
at Lok kala manch Lodhi Road,near Sai Baba mandir

6th July at Sri Ram Centre at 7pm
Ashok Lal's Ek Mamooli Aadmi

7th July at SRC ,7pm
Rajesh Kumatr's Ambedkar Aur Gandhi

14th July at Src at 7pm
Adaptation of Bertolt Brecht 's play - "The Good Person of Szechwan" 
in Hindi By Amitabh Srivastava,Lyrics By Piyush Mishra, 
Music by Dr.Sangeeta Gaur,14th July , 7:00pm 
At Sri Ram Centre, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi.
About play Ramkali-...
It raises core issues facing today’s world, of greed versus common good, of the value of right and wrong, of the pressures society puts on people which drive them to committing wrongs to keep up with expectations, the exploitation of goodness and of good people by an aspiring society, and the question of equating theft and wrong doing out of need with that done out of greed.
It is said that between the battle of wrong and right, it is truth that wins, yet ladies and gentlemen, the truth in this play is yet to be discovered… so if you think it has been some time since you’ve done a good deed, think again… maybe not. May be we all have been Ramkali, doing “the right thing’ in the wrong place or vice versa ! Still having second thoughts?

- To those born later
You who will emerge from the flood
Which we have gone under.
Remember When you speak of our failings
The dark time too Which you have escaped.
For we went, changing countries oftener than our shoes
Through the wars of the classes, despairing
When there was injustice only,
and no rebellion.
Think of us…
- Brecht
Tickets Available at Venue. Rs- 50/-, 100/-, & 200/- only,