Thursday, December 30, 2010

Panel discussion on contemporary theatre in India on Lok Sabha TV

Asmita- 'Samajik Sarokar Ke Beech Rangmanch'
Panel discussion on
Lok Sabha TV

Panel -Arvind Gaur (Director - Asmita theatre group),Devendra Raj Ankur (Ex. director, NSD) ,
Dr Harish Naval, (Hindu College,writer) ,Smita Bharati (social activist - director 'Saakshi'), Smriti Vij (FTI Pune Alumni & Theatre actor) and Samina (Anchor)

Thursday, December 30; 10:00 pm
31st Dec (Friday) 9am,
1st Jan (Sat.) 4pm,
2nd Jan (Sun.) 10 am.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities at Equal Opportunity cell,University of Delhi

Street play & songs presentation
by Asmita Theatre Group

directed by Arvind Gaur
for Equal Opportunity cell,
University of Delhi (EOC)
at faculty of arts on

"International Day of Persons with Disabilities"
(World Disable day)

International Day of Persons with Disabilities
(3rd December) is an international observance promoted
by the United Nations since 1992

Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter Theatre Workshop with Arvind Gaur For 7-14 year olds at Katha

Winter Theatre Workshop
with director Arvind Gaur

For 7-14 year olds, 25th to 28 th December, 2pm- 5pm at Katha, A3, Sarvodaya Enclave,
Sri Aurobindo Marg,
For details and registrations contact:
Niharika- 9968184768 , 01141416628.
Tel: 011 4141 6600,4141 6627,
Fax: 011 2651 4373

Winter Carnival at Katha ,23rd–30th December 2010, An extravaganza of hyperactive events for kids and adults,,

Asmita Weekend Theatre workshop new batch, AWT 2010-2011

The Asmita weekend theatre workshop,conceptualized by Mr Arvind Gaur Director Asmita theatre group, is the first of its kind. This workshop provides working professionals a platform to pursue thaetre on Saturday and Sunday mornings under the guidance of Shilpi Marwaha.
The uniqueness of this workshop lies in the selection of its content, chosen to study contemporary acting. Socio-political issues become a subject of discussions, improvisations and script reading.Voice and speech work: quintessential in acting; are taught by means of physical exercises, street plays and monologues.
15 years of knowledge and experience of Asmita Theatre Group is carefully filtered into the minds of students by the senior most actors of Asmita, under the critical guidance of Mr. Arvind Gaur.Finally the three month workshop culminates in a public production.
"Kharashe" a play based on short stories by Gulzar was performed by the second batch of Asmita Weekend Theatre Workshop at I.H.C on the 26th and 27th of July.A comprehensive documentation of this play is available at the Asmita Weekend Theatre Group on Face book.Log Baag ,performed by 3rd batch of weekend group under the guidance of Shilpi Marwaha on 4th Dec at LKM, lodhi road.

Asmita Weekend Theatre Achievements-
1-Saurabh Sawarswat - selected for FTII - Acting,AWT, 2009 Batch
2-Sandeep Yadav - selected for FTII - Cinematography,AWT, 2009 Batch
3-AWT, 2009 Batch performs Kharaashein in June, 2010
4-AWT, July,2010 Batch performs Log Baag in Nov, 2010
5-Ishwak Singh Performed solo play in Short+Sweet festival 2010, AWT, 2009 Batch
6-AWT, 2009 Batch performed street plays at various venues
7-AWT, July,2010 Batch performs many street plays at IHC & SRC
Fingers crossed for few more updates...

For registration pls Contact-
Shilpi Marwaha-9540.65.65.37,Shiv Chauhan- 9958.793.683,Ishwak Singh- 9811.430008,
Rahul Khanna-9711.188.856,Suraj Singh - 9999.69.25.25,Arvind Gaur- 9899.650.509

Garbage street play for Deptt. of Social Work,Delhi University

Child and Adolescent Wellbeing,Deptt. of Social Work Delhi University & Asmita theatre Group presents-
Street play on Garbage
on Wednesday,15th December 2010 at 1: 30 pm
at the N/68 block, near Ashram,Aruna Nagar (at Ring rd. straight from Monastery).

Actors- Himanshu Katara ,Saurabh Pal,Anish Kumar,Shiv Chauhan,Gaurav Mishra ,Aju Parikh,Palak Bhutani,Mannu Choudhary,Abhay Malhotra,Aparna Singh,Punkaj Dutta,Himanshu Maggo,Vartika Tiwari,Pradeep Awasthi,Charu Gupta,Kumar Vaibhav ,Manoj yadav,Amit Dahiya, Kundan,Manish Gupta,Manju,Narendra Thakur,Renu Keshyap,Tarun Kumar,Shilpi Marwaha

for details pls Contact-Shilpi Marwaha-9540656537,Shiv Chauhan-9958793683,Ishwak Singh-9811430008,Rahul Khanna-9711188856,Suraj Singh -99996925.25,Saurabh Pal-9958943525,Arvind Gaur-9899.650.509
- Charu Sethi ,Deptt. of Social Work ,Delhi University

Ambedkar AUR Gandhi directed by Arvind Gaur on 8th Dec at Sophia Auditorium

Asmita Theatre presents Rajesh Kumar's
"Ambedkar AUR Gandhi"
directed by Arvind Gaur
on 8th December at 7.30pm
at Sophia Bhabha,Auditorium
Bhulabhai Desai Road,Sophia College Lane,Cumballa Hill, Mumbai

ACTORS- Dr. B.R. Ambedkar - Bajrang Bali Singh, M.K.Gandhi - Viren Basoya, Rama Bai- Shilpi Marwaha, Saurabh Pal, Malay Garg, Devdas Gandhi –Anish kumar / Gaurav Mishra, Sardar Patel -Shiv Chauhan, Sarojini Naidu -Disha Arora, Annie Besant -Smiriti Vij /Pooja Pradaan, Malviya -Pankaj Datta, Mahadev Bhai -Suraj Singh, CHORUS - Shilpi Marwaha,Rahul Khanna,Kakoli Gaur,Saveree Gaur,Himanshu Maggu,Shiv Chauhan,Disha Arora,Palak Bhutani,Suraj Singh,Pankaj Datta,Anish Kumar,Ketan Kalra,Narender Thakur,Himanshu Katara,Dipesh Mohlay,Manu Chowdhay,Manoj Yadav,Sachin Saxena,Abhay Malhotra,Gaurav Mishra,Tarun,Pankaj Sandilya ,Vallari Shrivastva,Vrinda Vedi...

Poems- Avataar Singh Paash (पाश ),Shankar Shailendra ,Bhupen Hazarika,Bob Dylan ,
Music by Dr.Sangeeta Gaur
musicians - Sandy , Anil Mishra & Mohit Sharma
Group Incharge ; Viren Basoya
Production : Shiv,Rahul.Gaurav & himanshu


“Ambedkar aur Gandhi” is one of Asmita’s classics…Asmita’s latest presentation, young playwright Rajesh Kumar’s “Ambedkar aur Gandhi” was marked for healthy audience response both for its content and the director Gaur’s overall production design… Never before have I seen such an intelligent post-presentation discussion between the audience and the director. It just goes to show if the theme is relevant and the presentation professionally good, the audience is waiting for it...The cast does full justice to the playwright and were true to what the director was trying to get out of them.
Bajrang Bali Singh playing Ambedkar was excellent particularly in his last speech after Gandhiji’s death.Viren Basoya’s Gandhi, calm and collected throughout and yet emotional when he says he wants to be reborn as a Harijan. In response, the audience breaks out in a non-stop applause.
Apart from the two lead players, others who stand out are Shilpi Marwah as Rama Bai, Pankaj Raj Yadav as Devdas Gandhi, Malay Garg as Kedarkar, Raj Sharma as Sadanand and Rahul Datta as Sardar Patel.To lend colour to the presentation, there was, as usual, excellent music by Sangeeta Gaur and some popular songs that brought back old memories.“Ambedkar aur Gandhi”, to my mind is one of Asmita’s classics and Gaur’s best-directed presentations that must be taken around the Hindi speaking States...
-ROMESH CHANDER, The Hindu (An ongoing dialogue, 21 August, 2009)

Gandhi- Ambedkar debate moved, impressed the gathering …play succeeded in arousing the audience…debate received constant applause.
- Rashtriya Sahara

Politics takes centre political play about the geopolitical and social scenario in the country in 1930’s…reveals the two extreme thinking- Gandhi and Ambedkar …relation between the two despite their differences.
- Hindustan Times (Live correspondent)

Arvind Gaur’s 64th endeavour follows its predecessors- a social and political play… political dialogues on the social concerns of the time… antithetical views and the realisation that Gandhi Ambedkar’s vision was one, but means different — form the fabric of the play…issue of untouchability and the plight of the Dalits is a significant thread expressed in the play……..
- The Hindu (Preview)

Gandhi and Ambedkar attacked caste system…to stop untouchability, terminate caste system- thought expressed lively in the debate between Gandhi and Ambedkar…arguments received constant applause…war of thoughts between Gandhi and Ambedkar stirred the audience…expresses the clash of thoughts…chorus gave the play a new height.
- Dainik Hindustan

रंगमंच पर इतिहास के दो बड़े नायकों को ज्वलंत सामाजिक सवालों पर संवाद करते, समस्याओं से भरे इतिहास के उस जटिल दौर में आगे की राह तलाशते तथा वैचारिक रूप से गुत्थम-गुत्था होते देखना एक नया अनुभव है। ऐसा ही अनुभव राजेश कुमार का नाटक 'अम्बेडकर और गाँधी ' देता है। अस्मिता थियेटर ग्रुप, नई दिल्ली ने इस नाटक का मंचन लखनऊ के संत गाडगे प्रेक्षागृह ( उत्तरप्रदेश प्रदेश संगीत नाटक हैं ) में किया जिसकी परिकल्पना व निर्देशन अरविन्द गौड़ का था।
राजेश कुमार का यह नाटक विचार प्रधान है। इसका सारा ताना-बाना बहस और संवाद पर आधारित है। चूँकि यह बहस आज भी जारी है, इसलिए यह असमाप्त संवाद है। आमतौर पर हिन्दी में संवाद पर आधारित राजनीतिक नाटकों का अभाव रहा है । अरविंद गौड़ के निर्देशन और परिकल्पना की प्रशंसा की जानी चाहिए कि उन्होंने नाटक की प्रमाणिकता की रक्षा करते हुए संवादों पर केन्द्रित इस नाटक में कथा तत्वों, गीत-संगीत व दृश्यों का बेहतर संयोजन प्रस्तुत किया जिसने नाटक को पूरा गतिमय बनाये रखा।
नाटक के दो मुख्य पात्र हैं - अम्बेडकर और गाँधी। पूरा नाटक इनके इर्द-गिर्द चलता है। नाटक में ये दोनों पात्र आज के अम्बेडकर और गाँधी, जो प्रतिमाओं में कैद हैं, से अलग हैं . न महात्मा ये हैं और न मसीहा बल्कि मनुष्य हैं जिनमें खूबियां हैं तो मानवीय दुर्बलताएं भी हैं। लेकिन आज की पीढी इन्हे ' महात्मा ' और ' मसीहा ' के रूप में ही ज्यादा जानती है क्योंकि इनका परिचय बहुत-कुछ इसी रूप में कराया गया है। यहाँ पूजा भाव अधिक है। नाटक इस इमेज को तोड़ता है और नई पीढ़ी के अन्दर इतिहास को फिर से जानने-समझने की उत्सुकता पैदा करता है। इस नाटक में अवतार सिंह पाश की कविता ‘हम लड़ेंगे साथी’, ‘सबसे खतरनाक होता है सपनों का मर जाना’, शंकर शैलेन्द्र, भूपेन हजारिका व बाॅब दायलान के गीतों का बहुत सुन्दर इस्तेमाल हुआ है। दो दर्जन से अधिक कलाकार जब इन कविताओं और गीतों के साथ कोरस प्रस्तुत करते हैं तो इतिहास और अतीत का संघर्ष दर्शकों के सामने सजीव हो उठता है। गाँधी की भूमिका में वीरेन बसाया, अम्बेडकर के रूप में बजरंग बली सिंह, रमा बाई की भूमिका में शिल्पी मारवाह के साथ करीब तीस से अधिक कलाकारों से सजे इस नाटक की संगीत रचना डा0 संगीता गौड़ ने की। - कौशल किशोर, जन संस्कृति मंच, लखनऊ की पत्रिका

Fight between the thoughts expressed brilliantly in the play…Gandhi and Ambedkar an unforgettable experience…expressed the conflicting thoughts of two political stalwarts with similar aim…
- Amar Ujaala

This religion cannot be reformed but only be rejected,” exclaims Ambedkar and declares his decision to change his religion from Hinduism, while Gandhi believes “Untouchability can be erased without disturbing the caste system.” Gandhi and his followers ask Ambedkar why changing of religion was important to him and in response Ambdekar asks Gandhi and Gandhians, why Swaraj is important to them. While Gandhi says “I will not let every village in this country be divided between touchables and untouchables,” Ambedkar cries out saying “I have no country.”- It is this kind of difference of opinions and thoughts in addressing and fighting the problems of history which takes the centre-stage in Aravind Gaur’s play AMBEDKAR AUR GANDHI, written by Rajesh Kumar.
With references made to the Poona pact, Kala Ram temple entry satyagraha, round table conference and Communal award the play unfolds the limitation of Gandhi in addressing the problem of untouchability and also his failure in attacking the root of the problem. The play also voices out the dissatisfaction in Ambedkar about the efforts put by Gandhi for the removal of untouchability. The dialogue by Ambedkar saying, “Why doesn’t Gandhi fast unto death for the cause of removal of untocuhability?” summarizes the dissatisfaction and also the dialogue saying, “Efforts of Congress to address the problem of untocuhability is like getting a new dress stitched during the festive season, every year.”
-B.A. Samvartha ('Sahil'), Research Scholar,Theater and Performance Studies, School of Arts and Aesthetics,JNU

बाबासाहब अंबेडकर और महात्मा गांधी सिर्फ दो व्यक्ति नहीं, दो ‘स्कूल’ हैं। दो वैचारिक केंद्र हैं। दो संस्थाएं हैं। दोनों आधुनिक भारत के सर्वाधिक विवादास्पद चरित्रों में हैं। चूंकि दोनों लीक से हटकर चले, इसलिए उन पर उनके समय से लेकर आज तक सवाल उठाये जाते रहे हैं। दोनों की मंजिल एक-दूसरे से जितनी मिलती थी, रास्ते उतने ही जुदा थे। दोनों के संदर्भ में सर्वाधिक दुखद यह है कि दोनों के अनुयायियों ने दो ऐसे विशाल खेमे बना लिये हैं, जो आपस में संवाद की कोई जरूरत नहीं समझते। अंबेडकरवादियों के लिए गांधी दलितविरोधी हैं तो गांधीवादियों के लिए अंबेडकर देशद्रोही। गांधीवादियों से अंबेडकर को पढ़ने की क्या अपेक्षा की जाए, वे गांधी को भी नहीं पढ़ना चाहते। कुछ ऐसी ही स्थिति अंबेडकरवादियों की है। इसका परिणाम यह हुआ कि अंबेडकर और गांधी के मूल्य और उनका संघर्ष कहीं पीछे छूट गया है।ऐसे समय में अंबेडकर और गांधी में संवाद की बेहद जरूरत है। इसी जरूरत को पूरा करने की दिशा में एक सार्थक प्रयास है अस्मिता थियेटर की नाट्य प्रस्तुति ‘अंबेडकर और गांधी’।
नाटक का महत्व इस दृष्टि से भी है कि यह एक बहुत बड़े ऐतिहासिक सत्य का उदघाटन करता है, वह है – तमाम मतभेदों के बावजूद अंबेडकर और गांधी एक-दूसरे से घृणा नहीं करते थे। गांधी की हत्या से अंबेडकर आहत होते हैं, वहीं दूसरी तरफ गांधी की इच्छा है कि अगर मेरा दुबारा जन्म हो तो महाशूद्र के रूप में हो। दोनों के मन में एक-दूसरे को अपनी बात न समझा पाने की कसक है। नाटक के अंत में अंबेडकर अपने इस कथन से दर्शकों को एक जिम्मेदारी सौंप जाते हैं, ‘अस्पृश्यता के सवाल पर हम अपने-अपने ढंग से लड़ रहे थे। गांधीजी संवाद अधूरा छोड़ कर चले गये’। अंबेडकरवादियों और गांधीवादियों को अपने-अपने खेमों से निकल कर इस संवाद को जारी रखने की जरूरत है। इस संवाद के अभाव का ही परिणाम है कि आरक्षण आदि मसलों पर अंबेडकरवादी और गांधीवादी कोई सहमति बनाने के बजाय उग्र हो जाते हैं। आज भी दलितों की मुक्ति से हम कोसों दूर हैं।
-गंगा सहाय मीणा (अंबेडकर और गांधी : संवाद जारी है ),भारतीय भाषा केंद्र, जेएनयू,.

In fact the play operates at many levels to show the multiple layers of the thought processes of both the leaders and brings about the multi-layered confrontation due to the differences and conflicts between them. What makes the play more fascinating is the vivid illustration of the complexities of the freedom struggle and the different meanings, different sets of people assigned to it.
The play operates excellently at all three levels- content, technique and style. The content, despite being so rich in thoughts and ideological conflicts, is so clear and nuanced; it leaves no scope for confusion in viewer’s minds. . The dilemma in Ambedkar’s mind over Gandhi’s fast and his anguish over the sufferings of dalits has come out very clearly. At the same time, at no place Gandhi has been vilified and his own feelings toward the issue has been shown honestly. At the same time the style of the play with the evocative use of revolutionary poetry, make very clear, where the sensibilities of the director stands. The director adopts the stylistic genre of street play and thus puts himself in the seat of an activist rather than an armchair neutral analyst. Equally importantly, the efficient use of resources at his disposal in actor, poetry, light and space allow him to exploit the full potential of both the script and stage.
-Sushil Chandra
Audience's Comments-
whenever i think about the play 'Ambedkar aur Gandhi" it just force me to think about the aweso performances of asmita renowed actors as ambedkar ,gandhi and rama.....enthralls my nerves for the subject and brain neurons get activated for the script writer "Rajesh Kumar" heads down for his great and couragous effort to provide such a wonderful and appealing script and last bt nt yhe least... no doubt the script is powerful but to present it for mass is always challenging and the theatre ace "ARVIND GAUR" didnt left any stone untouched for the the result is here after seeing the play someone starts thinking again from the bottom of indian politics and some are saying "the play changed their thoughts abt gandhi and ambedkar"..... nw its your turn...... watch this play (going to be staged soon in delhi again) and decide urself "whether it cracks ur nerves and vibrate ur brain's neurons or not.............!!-- With Regards !!! - Arvind Keshri !!

preformace is really outstading no doubt ASMITA rocks
we need this play once more ASAP -Ajay Tyagi

AMBEDKAR AND GANDHI.... Waaooww... Just two word, AMAZINGLY AWESOME.The best play i have ever seen in my life as yet.The Director Mr Arvind Gaur's best work. This is a milestone from ASMITA THEATER GROUP -Sidharth Yash

Just got here after the performance, new play in asmita's lap. Hope the list goes on. viren basoya and bajrang bali's performance was splendid....but to be honest the thread which has given a new dimension to the cloth of debate between gandhi and ambedkar is ARVIND GAUR, this man is a genius. seeing actors viren and bajrang under Gaur's direction taught me a life time of acting....
I am proud to be a part of this production...- Shilpi Marwaha

Awesome play directed by arvind was d 1st time dat it was performed on 19th glad i was one of d many who aw its world premier....congrats -Ridhima Bahl

This kind of bold theatre is necessary for our Society. Thanks
-Jasveer (Kapurthala)

"Ambedkar Aur Gandhi" play with brilliant use of actors on stage.Brilliant stage acting, amazing stage chemistry between 2 awesome actors : Bajrang Bali and Viren Basoya,Congratulations to both for a superb performance.
As a theatre enthusiast I want thank Mr. Arvind Gaur for the play , which not only forces us to think but also breaks our notions about the 2 most influential people in Indian history."Ambedkar aur Gandhi" a play recommended for every individual : who is hopeful for change, the one who is not afraid to go : up the hill and against the tide,the one not afraid to fight...Hope for more shows of this play. Excellent acting by Bajrang Bali Singh as Ambedkar ,Viren Basoya as Gandhi and Shilpi Marwaha as Rama -Shiv Chauhan

The play not only attacks the caste system but attacks all existing forms of inequality and discrimination. It is always overwhelming to see how the debate between Gandhi and Ambedkar actually arouses the audience to debate with each other as well. It is through this play that I have realised the importance of humanity. I'm proud to be a part of such an influential play.-Disha Arora

one of the best play seen so far...Great show!!!! simply mesmerising!!!!
-Nitin Gupta
Wonderful and amazing work ! great performance by all the actors ! Bajrang Bali is spell-binding... Yadavan Chandran ( Darpana Academy )

Its one of the best plays ever written in Indian Theater. I had the privilege of watching it once in Bhopal and I have become fan of Bajrang and Arvind sir. Great 2 hours, a play which leaves u in awe of the actors and the director. I hope they perform in Bhopal again.
- Kshitij Mathur. Bhopal

AYTW 2010 MUMBAI (December 5-9) @ Sophia Bhabha Auditorium...
Tickets priced at 100/-, 200/- and 300/- available at Rythm House and Planet M outlets.AYTW Mumbai Contacts- 09819717838, 09819717827 ; for details pls call : AG -09899650509,Shilpi Marwaha- 9540656537,Shiv Chauhan-9958793683,Suraj Singh-9999692525,Viren Basoya- 9911013630,Rahul Khanna-9711188856

Asmita shows at IHC as as a part of Old World theatre festival

Asmita shows at IHC as as a part of Old World theatre festival 3rd to 12th Dec at 6.30pm as a part of Old World theatre festival.

3rd Dec- Interfaith street play
at IHC directed by Arvind Gaur at 6.30pm as a part of Old World theatre festival.

Interfaith- a street play by Asmita Theatre Group on the mindsets of the people.
The play talks about how people make stereotypes in society , how we , as human beings don’t trust other people on the basis of caste, class, religion and colour. It also depicts 6 stories showing the atrocities faced by the victims who suffer because of the genocide caused by the differences among people. For how many years will innocent people have to suffer because of difference in beliefs among people?

4th Dec -Domestic help street play as a part of Old World theatre festival..
The play focuses on the need of decent work for domestic workers specially women.The play opens with a song ending in a marketplace of domestic girls. It shows a contractor trying to sell various categories of Girls(domestic workers ) and charging extra amount to evade the verification process. The focus of the scene is the lack of any legislation covering domestic workers, which makes it easy to flout and buy any rules relating to them.

5th Dec- Solo performance by Smriti vij-'rainbow in the sea' Kashmir solo as a part of Asmita's platform performances, Old World theatre festival,India Habitat Centre,Delhi, 6.30pm.

6th december- AUCKLAND-by Ishwak Singh at IHC on at 6:30 pm

7th& 8th - Dance drama by JBS actors

9th Dec- performance by Ishwak Singh & Shiv Chauhan

10th Dec-Domestic help street play as a part of Old World theatre festival..
The play focuses on the need of decent work for domestic workers specially women.The play opens with a song ending in a marketplace of domestic girls. It shows a contractor trying to sell various categories of Girls(domestic workers ) and charging extra amount to evade the verification process. The focus of the scene is the lack of any legislation covering domestic workers, which makes it easy to flout and buy any rules relating to them.

11th Dec- "Road rage" street play by Asmita theatre actors at India Habitat Centre as a part of old world theatre festival 2010

12th Dec- Interfaith street play at IHC directed by Arvind Gaur at 6.30pm as a part of Old World theatre festival.

Ek maamoli aadmi at Raipur as a part of MUKTIBODH RAASTRIYA NAATYA SAMAAROH

Ashok Lal's Ek Mamooli Aadmi directed by Arvind Gaur
15th Nov. 2010 @ Raipur,Chattisgarh
as a part of Muktibodh National Theatre Festival.

ACTORS- Viren Basoya,Shilpi Marwaha,Bajrang Bali Singh,Malya Garg,Pankaj Raj Yadav,Saurab Pal,Disha Arora,Himansu Maggu ,Shiv Chauhan,Palak,Suraj Singh,Rahul Khanna,Kakoli Gaur,Gaurav Mishra,Pankaj,Saveree Gaur,Anish Kumar,Vartika Tiwar,Ketan Kalra,Narendra Thakur,Manu Chaudhary,Pankaj Sha...ndilya,Dipesh Mohlay,Manoj Yadav,Sachin Saxena,Tarun,Pankaj Datta,Abhay Malhotra...

'Ek Mamooli Aadmi' is one more milestone in Asmita's engaging repertoire of meaningful theatre. -Nikhat Kazmi (Times of India)

Meaningful production.. .Another feather in the cap of a young director Arvind Gaur. -Kavita Nagpal (HT)

'Ek Mamooli Aadmi' is an excellent play with a lot of humour , lot of life's reality -Smita Nirula (Pioneer)

The play is built around the protagonist Umesh's curiosity to find out why Brahmins had refused to participate in his father's 'tehrvi' ... production is excellent... innovative...-Romesh Chander (Hindu)

Written by Ashok Lal and directed by Arvind Gaur (अरविन्द गौड़), the play is a deeply moving description of the travails of a middle-aged clerk who knows of his impending death. Reserved, reclusive and politically correct Ishwar Chand, decides to do some unusual things before dying. The acts are not a result of angst or deeds of rebellion, Ishwar just wants to savour another life, paint a new picture of himself for his own viewing. His escape from reality is a challenge to that very reality. Death becomes a motivation for pleasure; he wants to please others, see others happy, and make others fulfilled - Indian Express

Rajesh Kumar's Ambedkar aur Gandhi at Muktibodh National Theater Festival

Rajesh Kumar's play "Ambedkar aur Gandhi"
on 14th November at 6.30pm at Rangmandir Auditorium ,Raipur
as a part of Muktibodh National Theater Festival .
Muktibodh Theater festival was started a decade ago in the honor of famous writer, poet late Mr.Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh by Indian People Theater Association (IPTA) .
for details pls call- 09899650509,Shilpi Marwaha- 9540656537 Shiv Chauhan-9958793683,Suraj Singh-9999692525,Viren Basoya- 9911013630,Rahul Khanna-9711188856

ACTORS- Dr. B.R. Ambedkar - Bajrang Bali Singh, M.K.Gandhi - Viren Basoya, Rama Bai- Shilpi Marwaha, Saurabh Pal, Malay Garg, Devdas Gandhi -Pankaj Raj Yadav, Sardar Patel -Shiv Chauhan, Sarojini Naidu -Disha Arora, Annie Besant -Smiriti Vij /Pooja Pradaan, Malviya -Pankaj Datta, Mahadev Bhai -Suraj Singh, CHORUS - Pankaj Raj Yadav,Shilpi Marwaha,Rahul Khanna,Kakoli Gaur,Saveree Gaur,Himanshu Maggu,Shiv Chauhan,Disha Arora,Devesh Nigam,Palak Bhutani,Suraj Singh,Pankaj Datta,Anish Kumar,Ketan Kalra,Narender Thakur,Himanshu Katara,Dipesh Mohlay,Manu Chowdhay,Rahul Dhir,Manoj Yadav,Sachin Saxena,Abhay Malhotra,Gaurav Mishra,Tarun,Pankaj Sandilyay,Amit Mishra,Vallari Shrivastva,Vrinda Vedi...

Poems- Avataar Singh Paash (पाश ),Shankar Shailendra ,Bhupen Hazarika,Bob Dylan
Music by Dr.Sangeeta Gaur
with musicians - Sandy , Anil Mishra & Mohit Sharma
Group Incharge ; Viren Basoya
Production : Shiv
Asmita Theatre- Celebrating 18th year of theatre movement

Subhash Mishra
Co-ordinator,Muktibodh theater festival,Raipur

Untitled solo by Lushin Dubey directed by Arvind Gaur

A solo performance by Lushin Dubey
Script, design & directed by Arvind Gaur.
The Untitled Solo play (Hindi/English) is based on Vijay Dan Detha's story and Dario Fo's short play “Medea’.
Music by Dr.Sangeeta Gaur
on 21st Nov. at 7.30pm at Kamani Auditorium at Atelier youth festival.

Director’s Note- Untitled SOLO is basically a "fusion" experimental venture. This fusion... is incorporated in each element of the design from language of performance, set and music to acting with puppets my attempt was to make a journey to discover a new language for solo performance. As a director, the challenge to maintain the socio -political relevance of the theme while exploring new presentation style has been an ever stimulating process for me. The script is pendulous swing between the two stories (one Indian & one western) and touches upon pertinent aspects, giving voice to the woman's case! Should a woman hit back? And why not? What does it appear? Is it justified?
The production is a combination of English and Hindi, and Lushin’ s co-actors are puppets, herself playing different roles to project different characters. Lushin not only plays characters physically but at the same time delves under the skin to look at their psyche, using her voice, gait, body movements, masks, puppets, different scarves and music etc. The result is a true to life characterization of a lecherous king (husband), his wife, maid sweeper, a young girl in her teens, media & her old maid and many more.
-Arvind Gaur, Director

About the play
The foundation for the script is based on Vijayadan Detha’s story “Nyari Nyari Maryada” and Dario Fo’s short play “Medea”. “Nyari Nyari Maryada” the story by Vijayadan Detha, is also one where women surprise the men.Men who relentlessly treat women as “Kottputli’s”.Dario Fo reinterpret Euripides’s “Medea”. “Medea is one of the most horrific and powerful Greek tragedies, a play of dark revenge and slaughter and is dominated by the voice of “Medea”, the foreign princess who aided Jason, her husband, in the past, and whom he now spurns for younger women. She retaliates by murdering her own children…And therefore, in a sense “Killing” him and herself.
“ Be a good wife and a good mother and you will have space to live in my house," says Medea's husband, a character from Greek mythological, who kills her own children to take revenge on her husband, who had married a much younger girl. "Respect him and love him, and he will let you live in his house," said the wise old nurse. Medea's crisis was, she had to make a choice, if she wanted to remain a proud woman or become a wise woman, by sealing her lips, and let everything be, as it had been.
A parallel tale from Rajasthan, written by Vijaydan Detha, narrates a tale of a king's court, where a mehatrani (sweeper woman) comes, asking for justice, because her twelve year old daughter had been raped by the pundit of the court, who was, in fact, her father. The Raja, the Diwan and even the court jester silence their women by telling them that man need to have change of taste. One day, it is the Rani who calls the court to declare, she will get justice for the sweeper woman's daughter. She declares to the court that even she had changed her taste And the play dwelt on precisely this query -- what is women's maryada. with violence against women, cheating and child abuse .

About actor Lushin Dubey-
Lushin Dubey did her Masters in Science in Childhood and Special Education in the US (after a Masters in History from Delhi, India) and was then deeply involved in teaching mentally challenged kids. In 1986 she set up Kids world with her cousin Bubbles Sabharwal. "Untitled" solo directed & scripted by Arvind Gaur, traveled to the US, UK and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.’ Untitled' makes its third trip to the U.S. last year along with 'Bitter Chocolate' directed & scripted by Arvind Gaur . 'Untitled' has already completed more than 200 shows.10 shows in Scotland. In the U.S. some of the cities have been Boston, Chicago, Rochester, New York, Dallas, Houston, Washington D.C., and Palo Alto San Francisco. It has also been staged at the Smithsonian Institute and at Harvard. Lushin has acted in several films and serials. Her first one being 'Perfect Husband' which debuts at the Cannes Festival .Lushin is married with two daughters, Ilina and Tara. Her husband, Dr .Pradeep Dubey, Leading Professor in Applied Mathematics at Stony brook and Adjunct Professor at Yale, has always supported her creative Endeavour’s. She divides her time between the US and India and looks forward to being involved in cultural interaction between the two countries, especially via the medium of theatre."Work is defined by age. The older you get, the more you question. I find myself asking questions I would newer have asked ten years ago. This quest has led me into plays like `The Life of Gautama Buddha`, 'Untitled Solo 'and most recently, 'Bitter Chocolate' ( both directed by Arvind Gaur). It has been a self-perpetuating process, as one play has given birth to the other “- Lushin Dubey

About director -
Theater icon - working from last 15 years in theater with social and Political issues as Subject for his plays. Started theater group ' ASMITA' in 1993 which now actively playing various plays in India and abroad. He has directed more than 60 stage plays over two decades that have been staged at Edinburgh Theatre festival in the UK and at Chicago, Washington, Boston, and San Francisco, Ohio in the USA, France, Armenia, Russia and UAE. His play Madhavi solo by Rashi Bunny received special award for best play in experimentation with tradition at international Solo festival, Armenia.
Arvind Gaur, resident Director of Asmita Theatre, Delhi is also an actor trainer, social activist, street theatre worker and story teller. Gaur was the recipient of a research fellowship awarded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (India) (1997-98). Arvind Gaur has conducted many theatre workshops and performed in various Colleges, Institutions, Universities and Schools in India and abroad such as Stanford, Harvard University, Stony Brook University, Smithsonian, Nehru Centre (London), IIM lucknow, JNU, IILM, IIT, AIIMS. He was also the guest faculty of Delhi University for Theatre in education program for three years. Arvind Gaur has conducted many theatre workshops for children in schools and slums as well as Street Theatre performances on different socio-political issues.
Director Arvind Gaur collaborated with various Theatre artists specially in exploring a new language for Solo performances which include - "Untitled Solo" by Lushin Dubey, "Madhavi" by Rashi Bunny, "4.84 Psychosis " by Ruth Sheard, "Women in Black" by Bubbles Sabharwal, "Hidden Fires " & "The little Prince " both by Rashi Bunny, “Gandhari” by Aishveryaa Nidhi (Sydney), Story of Tiger by Jaimini and "Bitter Chocolate " a new solo by Lushin Dubey. Pinki Virani’s "Bitter Chocolate” a new solo by Lushin Dubey directed by Arvind gaur was also performed at Harvard (USA) & at Nehru Centre, London.
With Rashi Bunny , young actress trained in Theatre design at University of Alabama at Birmingham and Rutgers University, New Jersey, Arvind Gaur has directed four solo plays-Bhishma Sahani's "Madhavi ", Manjula Padmanabhan's 'Hidden Fires’, The little Prince and 'Walking through the Rainbow'.“ Gandhari” solo performance by Aishveryaa Nidhi was directed & performed at NIDA theatre, Sydney. Recently with British actress Ruth Sheard, he has directed two solo plays- Sarah Kane’s “4.84 Psychosis” and Dario Fo- Franca Rama’ s “A woman alone ”.Bhishma Sahni's Madhavi by Rashi Bunny received special award for best play in experimentation with tradition at International Solo Theatre Festival, Armenia. "Madhavi" was invited at International Theatre Festival, Russia and recently at International Theatre festival, France