Friday, October 22, 2010

Court Martial on 24th at Kamani audi at 7.30pm

Deepak Ochani,Viren Basoya & Bajrang Bali Singh

Swadesh Deepak's
Court Martial
on 24th at Kamani auditorium at 7.30pm
directed by Arvind Gaur
About The play -
When respect is denied to a man for the only reason that he is borne by 'low-caste' parents, the offence cannot simply be termed as a social violence. It assumes larger proportions of crime against humanity and society at large. Yet by the turn in situation the murderer becomes a winner whereas the victim is unforgiving.The culprit may receive severe punishment at the hands of the law but, in fact, it is the society which is put in the docks. Court Martial, written by Swadesh Deepak, is a story of recruit Ram Chander who is tried for murdering one of his officers and injuring another. The Court Martial is presided by a war veteran. Col Surat Singh who has witnessed many 'life –and –death' situation. But this trial puts him in a queer position, so far unknown to him, and during the course of interrogation he realize that the issues at stake are much larger than what meets the eye. Realizing that the Indian army is the only government agency in which reservation on caste basis is not permissible. Court Martial presents a combination of legal and poetic justice.

"Not Just a Play: ‘Court Martial’ is not just a play written by Swadesh Deepak, directed by Arvind Gaur & enacted by Asmita-artistes. It is a burning truth of the Indian Society. Sensing that Indian Army is the only government institution, which does not permit caste-based reservations, ‘Court Martial’ presents a mixture of natural and legal justice, which is not only the truth of the Indian Army, but that of the whole Indian Society. That, despite all his qualifications, an individual is traumatised because of his low-caste origins is not merely social violence, but a crime against humanity. The monotony of the long court-trial was pre-empted by the seasoned performance of the Asmita artistes. This Asmita-presentation has proved to be a soothing experience, after many years, for Swadesh Deepak who created a countrywide flutter through this play. " Excellent acting, live and memorable…..worth visit. - Ajeet Rai (Nav Bharat Times)

Acts of kindness article by Srijit Ghosh, Hindustan Times

Viren Basoya in Ek Mamooli Aadmi directed by Arvind Gaur
Sixty-three artistes. Five plays. Four directors. Quite possibly the largest theatre event in the Capital this fall, and the most benevolent. Who’s Life Is It Anyway, a drama festival held in the city every year, begins today. The event is hosted by Hungry Heart, an NGO founded by renowned
theatrists Sohaila Kapur, Smita Bharti and Monica Bhasin. This year, the foundation hopes to aid another NGO, HelpAge India, in raising funds for victims affected by the flash floods in Leh. “They need our help and attention,” reiterates Arvind Gaur, director of the play, Ek Mamooli Aadmi. “So, the proceeds from the show will go towards their rehabilitation.”
The theatre festival will showcase the works of some of the most respected names in the field of theatre, and more. “It is not only aimed at promoting theatre, but also filmmaking and the visual arts, thus empowering creative professionals to turn their visions into reality,” says Smita Bharti, one of the organisers.
And the acts will be anything but long and boring, assure those behind the initiative. “The fest is all about cutting edge, innovative and experimental theatre, along with commercially successful, but profound, laugh riots that will breathe excitement into performances and audiences in a short time period,” Bharti stresses.
The five plays to be featured during the festival cover a variety of issues — from casteism and the plight of a helpless woman in society to a simple, honest tribute to a city and the complexities of human emotions. “Each play hopes to put forward a social message ... They speak about conflict and resolution,” explains Bharti.
Interestingly, every play uses a unique style to convey its message to the audience, whether it involves humour, solemnity, irony or sarcasm. Theatre veterans are pleased. “The interplay of diverse styles to cover exigent issues and the conviction with which these messages are expressed are bound to attract a large audiences,” feels theatre personality Lushin Dubey.
Venue: Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg.
What’s playing when
21st October — 45” 35” 55”, 7.30pm
22nd October — Mahim Junction, 7.30pm
23rd October — Untitled, 7.
214th October — Ek Mamooli Aadmi, @
3.30pm; Court Martial, 7pm

Ashok Lal's -Ek Mamooli Aadmi directed by Arvind Gaur on 24th Oct at 3.30pm at Kamani Audi.

Shilpi Marwaha, Bajrang Bali Singh & Viren Basoya

Ashok Lal's
Ek Mamooli Aadmi
on 24th Oct. 3:30pm at Kamani Auditorium,Copernicous Marg , Mandi House
(as a part of Hungry Heart Festival)
Actors- Viren Basoya,Shilpi Marwaha,Bajrang Bali Singh,Pooja Pradaan,Malya Garg,Smriti vij,Vrinda Vedi,Pankaj Raj Yadav,Saurab Pal,Disha Arora,Himansu Maggu ,Shiv Chauhan,Devesh,Palak,Suraj Singh,Rahul Khanna,Kakoli Gaur,Himansu Katara,Vallri Srivastava,Gaurav Mishra,Pankaj,Saveree Gaur,Anish Kumar,Vartika Tiwar,Ketan Kalra,rahul,Narendra Thakur,Manu Chaudhary,Pankaj Shandilya,Dipesh Mohlay,Manoj Yadav,Sachin Saxena,Tarun,Pankaj Datta,Abhay Malhotra...

*'Ek Mamooli Aadmi' is one more milestone in Asmita's engaging repertoire of meaningful theatre. -Nikhat Kazmi (Times of India)
*Meaningful production.. .Another feather in the cap of a young director Arvind Gaur.
-Kavita Nagpal (H T)
*'Ek Mamooli Aadmi' is an excellent play with a lot of humou , lot of life's reality -Smita Nirula (Pioneer)
*The play is built around the protagonist Umesh's curiosity to find out why Brahmins had refused to participate in his father's 'tehrvi' ... production is excellent... innovative...-Romesh Chander (Hindu)
*Written by Ashok Lal and directed by Arvind Gaur (अरविन्द गौड़), the play is a deeply moving description of the travails of a middle-aged clerk who knows of his impending death. Reserved, reclusive and politically correct Ishwar Chand, decides to do some unusual things before dying. The acts are not a result of angst or deeds of rebellion, Ishwar just wants to savour another life, paint a new picture of himself for his own viewing. His escape from reality is a challenge to that very reality. Death becomes a motivation for pleasure; he wants to please others happy, and make others fulfilled - Indian Expres

Theatre Festival at Kamani Auditorium 21st to 24th Oct

Bajrang Bali Singh & Viren Basoya

"Whose Life is it Anyway”. 21st to 24th Oct 2010
Festival directors- Sohaila Kapur, Arvind Gaur,Lushin Dubey and Smita Bharti.
21st October — 45” 35” 55”, 7.30pm
22nd October — Mahim Junction, 7.30pm
23rd October — Untitled, 7.30pm
24th October — AShok Lal's Ek Mamooli Aadmi, 3.30pm,
— Swadesh Deepak's Court Martial, 7.30pm
Common initiative by the Helpage India, Sakshi, Cathaayatra Lakshya Foundation,
Asmita theatre & Theatre world in aid of Leh victims.
Tickets available at Venue.