Sunday, December 18, 2011

Director Arvind Gaur’s new play, "I Will Not Cry", solo act by Lushin Dubey,in Jaipur

Director Arvind Gaur’s new play,
"I Will Not Cry",
solo act by Lushin Dubey
directed & scripted by Arvind Gaur
focusses on the issue of increasing number of child deaths in our country.

solo play by Lushin Dubey,
directed & scripted by Arvind Gaur
on 20th dec at jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur at 6.30pm
presented by Save the Children
the play is an exceptional blend of theatre and multimedia, highlighting the issue of child survival ...through satire and music will bring alive the sad truth of millions of unnecessary deaths of children in our country. It hopes to evoke our collective responsibility, as a nation, to act together.

Director's Note -
“The child deaths in India are most alarming and shocking situation. India has unofficially become the world’s child death capital,over 5,000 children die in the country every day ,due to totally preventable causes like diarrhoea, pneumonia and birth related complications.Every 15 seconds, a kid is dying and over four lakh newborns die within the first 24 hours of birth every year, which is the highest anywhere in the world,But sadly and shockingly, this is not a priority for us.The priorities of our economic policies are changing and children figure nowhere there. Schemes, plans and funds are there but they don't reach their destination.Ultimately, it all boils down to corruption.

The objective of this the play is not just to stir and sensitise the audience about to the shocking and shameful number of child deaths in our country, but to also alert them to introspect on their social responsibility towards the issues,”
- Arvind Gaur,

Multi media/Film shoot -Vikki, Manoj Rai ,Nikhil, Monish
Music - Dr, Sangeeta Gaur
Sarangi - Anil Mishra
Costume Asstt- Anamika Jha
Set - Sanjeev Morya & ashok
Back stage - Gaurav Mishra,Abhisek Pandey,Kunal Sharma, Asish, Suraj Singh, Rahul Khanna,Shilpi Marwaha,Shiv Chauhan,Ishwak Singh,Smita Lal,Vivak,Himansu Maggo,Vikash
Lights & sound- Mishra ji ,Satti, Naresh