Monday, June 27, 2005

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Arvind Gaur , Theatreperson, on directing a play on MA Jinnah

Why did you choose Jinnah as the protagonist of your play?

It's nothing to do with the recent controversy. We've been working on Jinnah for the last 3-4 months. I'd think that Indian historians have not paid much attention to Jinnah and portrayed him in the incorrect perspective.

What will be some of the highlights of the play?

We're paying a great deal of attention to his personal life -- his relationship with his wife and daughter. We've also highlighted the events of 1920s when Jinnah resigned from the Congress and joined the Muslim League. Finally, we've presented the last days of Jinnah, when, suffering from cancer he, it is believed, told one of his doctor friend -- 'Pakistan ka banna bhool thi'.

How do you view Jinnah, especially in the light of the present-day controversy?

After all my readings and studies on Jinnah, I think, he was a very progressive man. He had a big role to play in the Freedom Movement, but suffered because of his identity crises.

What's it about Jinnah's life that has moved you?

Dedication. It's creditable that despite being alone in his mission -- and taking on people like Nehru, Gandhi, Patel and Edwina -- he thought about his nation first.

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