Tuesday, January 4, 2011

3 Street-plays at the opening ceremony of Royal Premier League on 2nd January 2011

Opening ceremony of Royal Premier League RPL
on 2nd January 2011at Royal City.It will be a gala event featuring 3 street-plays by Asmita Theatre Group,JBS dance group,Fashion show by elite fashion designer Charu Gupta and Sonali Gupta,singer Swasti Shri,Magician Master Kabir,Laughter show by Rajiv Malhotra,Solo Singing by Ansh from Saregama and many more.this ceremony is specially for those who have performed well in 2010 in their respective fields.majority of them are school children and kids as this event is mainly to promote young Talent.ongoing ceremony is for children participated in Royal Premier League in which 8 different teams from all over India participated.the tournament will be shown live on DD Sports.

Royal Premier League RPL 5th to 31st January

Asmita Theatre Group is going to perform 3 street plays on 2nd January- Interfaith,Domestic help and Road-Rage on 2nd January

INTERFAITH- a street play by Asmita Theatre Group on the mindsets of the people.The play talks about how people make stereotypes in society ,how we,as human beings don’t trust other people on the basis of caste, class, religion and colour. It also depicts 6 stories showing the atrocities faced by the victims who suffer because of the genocide caused by the differences among people. For how many years will innocent people have to suffer because of difference in beliefs among people?

DOMESTIC HELP-The play focuses on the need of decent work for domestic workers specially women.The play opens with a song ending in a marketplace of domestic girls. It shows a contractor trying to sell various categories of Girls(domestic workers) and charging extra amount to evade the verification process. The focus of the scene is the lack of any legislation covering domestic workers, which makes it easy to flout and buy any rules relating to them.

ROAD-RAGE- this play focuses on the need to keep the eyes open while we are on roads and about the social responsibility of the parents and their children.


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