Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dario fo's O.T.S at Hindu college directed by Arvind Gaur

Dario Fo’s Comic- Satire "Operation Three Star" at Hindu college on 19th January
(Hindi adaptation of Accidental Death of an Anarchist)
Adaptation in Hindi by Amitabh Srivastava
Lyrics - PiyushMishra
Directed by Arvind Gaur
Actors - Viren Basoya, Shilpi Marwaha, Saurabh Pal, Malay Garg, Himanshu Maggo, Anish Mahto, Rahul Khanna, Shiv Chauhan

Reviews - Today when newspaper headlines are screaming about atrocities, operation three becomes a compelling study on the anatomy of violence...taut, energetic and embellished with a compelling performance by actors,OTS becomes a noteworthy addition to Asmita's repertoire… Imaginative methodology, which is reflected in,plays Tughlaq, Court-Martial and O.T.S
- Nikhat Kazmi (Times of India )

Very relevant and timely...the play comes down hard on police brutality, inefficiency & connivance .
- Smita Nirula (Pioneer)

Gaur updated the script with contemporary references of police Violence, bhagalpur, rape in police custody, killing of two innocent Businessmen in C.P
- Kavita Nagpal (Hindustan Times)

Arvind Gaur's direction has acquired a noticeable tautness...the tempo was well maintained and changes of scene effected smoothly...Thought provoking. The group sang, danced and soft peddled and Impressed the
full house.
-Saroj Vashist (Delhi Monday)

Competent direction...powerful more achievement by Arvind Gau and his team Asmita.
- Amit Kumar (Rashtriya Sahara)

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The Serious Comedy Show. said...

thanks for the great performance on the republic day eve.
This Viren Basoyaa is full of unbelievable energy I must say.
chorus was marvelous,specially the lyrics.
Thanks once again.