Friday, October 21, 2011

Street Play "Bhrashtachar" on 31st July @ Gandhi Peace Foundation

Street play "Bhrashtachar" on 31st July at 6pm at Gandhi Peace Foundation.
The Play Directed by Arvind Gaur.Performed by Asmita Theatre Group Actors.

Write up On the Play
"Hey don't bug me I have nothing to do with it. I don't give corruption nor do I take it."
... Is that really so or are we running from reality.
"I am safe working in this office, there is a particular section of people who are involved in corruption and with them I have no relation,
How can corruption effect me, I and my family are safe"
Then what will you call 9/11 America; 26/11 India; 7/11 Britain; December 24, 1999 plane hijack, bomb blasts that took place all over the world in the past few years.
Before contradicting me just give a thought to the following fact,
Would it have been possible to carry out the above massacres without any corruption in the system.
This play is an effort to highlight the fact, how we make way for bigger corrupted deals by getting involved in the smaller ones. For instance a policeman, who has taken bribe from you, will not step back while taking it from a terrorist.
Won't badger you once again since I don't want to invite a controversy Or should I, as my belief is that we are the only ones who can stop it since we were the ones who started it.
Lets start it by giving it a thought, by making change around ourselves.

Actors:Shilpi Marwaha,Shiv Chauhan,Saurabh Pal,Malay Garg,Palak Bhutani ,Gaurav Mishra, Rahul Khanna,Suraj Singh,Himansu Maggo,Ishwak Singh,Pankaj Datta,Kakoli Gaur, Saveree Gaur,Manu Chaudhary,Vartika Tiwari,Anish Kumar,Sachin Sexena,Kumar Vaibhav,Amit Dahiya,Pradeep Awasthi,Bhavdeep Singh,Manoj Yadav,Mayank Pandey,Anamika Singh, Smita Lal,Rahul Srivastava,Rohit Vaid,Vineet Kumar,Shivani Sinha,Vivak Sharma,Harsh,Ashish Sejwal,Tarun Kumar,Narendra Thakur,Kunal,Tushar,prabhakar,

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